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  • Book: Unsung Heroes, Saving Saigon
  • Author: Albin F. Irzyk
  • Number of pages: 232
  • Text-book file-size: 6.96 Mb
  • Audio-book file-size: 139.2 Mb

Unsung Heroes, Saving Saigon, the latest work by retired Brigadier General Albin F. Irzyk, recounts the harrowing events that occurred in Saigon during the notorious TET Offensive of 1968. Irzyk, as the leader of Headquarters Area Command (HAC) in Saigon, was the city s unofficial Military Mayor, and was at the heart of the action in Saigon when the Viet Cong forces launched attacks all over Vietnam in the midst of that nation s greatest holiday. Though taken by surprise, the forces that Irzyk commanded, none of whom were trained for tactical engagement, rose to the occasion and courageously helped prevent VC attackers from taking control of key installations in the capital city. Many of these brave men have gone unrecognized for many years, but Unsung Heroes, Saving Saigon corrects that grave error by highlighting their amazingly bold deeds. From the U.S. Embassy to dark, dangerous alleys, numerous battles took place in the middle of Saigon. Many soldiers fought. Some were wounded. Others perished. Unsung Heroes, Saving Saigon will help ensure that they are never forgotten. Cover photo by Don Hirst

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